Woman Tells Husband She Bought A Dog Home And He Is Shocked! Wait… It’s Not A Dog!!!

This woman was excited of getting home a pet and she sent her husband pictures of the coyote curled up in a ball and apparently sitting on the sofa next to their young child. Read the article to know what happened next.

Kayla reveal the truth to her confused husband.


Kayla then shocked her husband even more when she sent him a picture of three more coyotes, which she claimed were outside the house trying to find the one she had rescued. But Justin was too smart to see through the fake picture, apparently the picture was not taken in their garden and Kayla came clean. Justin replied to her saying, “Baby… there’s no coyote.”

But it doesn’t stop there.


Justin replies: “Yeah babe. There is. I’m sorry you want it to be a dog but that doesn’t make it so.” Then Kayla finally comes clean saying that, “No babe… I know that’s a coyote… I’m saying… it wasn’t ever here. Or in our house. Or on our couch… It was photoshop.” To which Justin gives a sweet reply saying, “I f****** hate you.”