A normal human needs to do a lot of fitness to keep his/her body fit, in today’s world where we breathe pollution and fast food rules our diet, we need to work harder than ever before to stay fit. But to stay fit every day you need a lot of determination to work hard, not everyone has that kind of determination. So here is a story of this amazing woman’s body transformation that will inspire you to work even harder, read the article to know more…..

39-year-old Dareen Barba.


Dareen Barba is a 39-year-old married woman and you won’t believe that Dareen is a mother of two kids. But she wasn’t all happy all her life, Dareen didn’t always feel great about herself. But why?

Dareen was fearless as a little girl!


When Dareen was 15 years old, she learnt that she had osteogenic sarcoma and later she had to undergo chemotherapy. A normal person would lose hope at this point, but Dareen was different.

To beat the Big C.


Dareen was a tough girl and, she had a lot of energy inside her and was very confident that she will beat cancer. Soon the doctors gave her the good news that the cancer was gone completely.

Dareen lost something important in the process!


Though Dareen was cured of cancer, she lost the most important thing to her, her left leg and as an athlete, her legs were more than precious to her. But Dareen never gave up, you will be shocked to see her transformation, find out on Next Page…..

Dareen’s transformation didn’t happen overnight.


Once Dareen was washing dishes in the kitchen, she fell and broke her left hip, “My hip fracture left me devastated and broken, but I decided to rehabilitate myself, go to the gym and work hard which resulted in losing 25kg in one year!!”

Dareen further explained….


She said, “I realized that I must take a radical decision to change my life and be happy, and invest in myself and in what I have. I am the proof that if you believe in yourself, make a plan and work hard; you will definitely achieve your goals.” See her mind-blowing transformation on Next Page…..

Dareen’s life-changing transformation!


Dareen made an amazing transformation within a few years of hard work, Dareen being an athlete fitness was very important for her to keep her stamina and strength in check. It also helped her on an emotional level too, which is why she decided to become a certified gym instructor.

An inspiration and a role model!

Dareen prover through her hard work that losing a leg may be tough, but it doesn’t have to be a life-ending situation. Dareen later on just like a normal person learned how to drive, completed her studies, and went on to live a fulfilling life.