Creativity is a very rare trait in human beings, every human has its own unique creativity. Creativity can also be used for building houses, some people prefer to show their creativity by building huge expensive houses and some prefer making cheap, small and creative houses. Here is a 13-year-old boy, you won’t believe that this kid built his own house in just $1500. Read the article to find out more about his house and how he did it….

The 13-year-old teen Luke Thill


Luke is a typical 13-year-old teen who was bored of his holidays and he decided to use his time and creativity in an amazing attempt to build his own house. Building his own house wasn’t easy, there were many challenges he faced!

The challenges Luke faced!


The first challenge he faced was the money he would require to raise to build his own house, the neighbours soon got to know what he was up to and decided to help him. Luke got a chance to raise cash by working in friend’s garage in exchange for his help, he cut their lawns, raised cash online, and ran errands for people. It almost took a year for Luke to raise his money to buy the materials.

Creative building!


Luke was a creative kid so the materials he used to build his house was 75% recycled materials. Many people were interested in what Luke was up to, Luke decided to create his own YouTube channel to keep the people updated. Luke was a really good kid in school and his Principal supported this project!

Luke did all of his research and studied the process on YouTube videos.


Luke is a hardworking kid, he did all his research and learned how to build a house from watching YouTube videos. Luke’s house had almost everything a teenager would need. You won’t believe how amazing this house is, find out on Next Page…

Some more challenges Luke faced….


While building the roof of his house, Luke tried using stained glass and liquid glaze to create his own countertop but it was a total failure as he glaze leaked. Luke had almost completed his house when he realized that he did not make any room for a toilet!

Luke never gave up even after making a few mistakes!


Luke was a smart and dedicated kid, though he made many mistakes he never gave up. Soon Luke was able to overcome his mistakes and finally managed to complete his amazing house. See Next Page how his amazing house turned out…..

Luke’s Castle


After a year of hard work Luke finally completed his house, the house is around 89-square-foot big. Luke has all the essentials like the living room with a couch and TV, a kitchen with an electric griddle, and a lofted bed.

An inspiring story!

Luke’s inspiring story of building his own house has inspired many people to get creative. Luke’s story even made the front page of the Des Moines Register and the Telegraph Herald, two major newspapers in Iowa.