You Won’t Believe What Amber Portwood is Doing! Fans Are Shocked Over This Move!

We all know that things are not right between Amber and Farrah. But now things are about to get worst. You won’t believe what Amber is up to. Fans are shocked over this move. Let’s recap about the fight between Farrah and Amber and continue reading the article to know what Amber is up to.

When it all started.


It all started when Amber and Farrah last crossed paths where the feud started over a topic of intense discussion, when Farrah’s comment’s made against Portwood’s fiancé Matt Baier by Abraham’s ex Simon Saran, who allegedly referred to the tell-all book author as a “pedophile.”

The drama continued when Amber and Matt defended



Farrah said some really negative things about the couple, but Farrah doesn’t believe the couple’s intentions are pure.