We all know that things are not right between Amber and Farrah. But now things are about to get worst. You won’t believe what Amber is up to. Fans are shocked over this move. Let’s recap about the fight between Farrah and Amber and continue reading the article to know what Amber is up to.

When it all started.


It all started when Amber and Farrah last crossed paths where the feud started over a topic of intense discussion, when Farrah’s comment’s made against Portwood’s fiancé Matt Baier by Abraham’s ex Simon Saran, who allegedly referred to the tell-all book author as a “pedophile.”

The drama continued when Amber and Matt defended


Farrah said some really negative things about the couple, but Farrah doesn’t believe the couple’s intentions are pure.

The cease and desist letter


Farrah’s legal representative sent a cease and desist letter to her Teen Mom co-star, requesting Portwood end communication and interaction with their client over “false and defamatory statements” made about Abraham to the media. It was said that Portwood had physically harassed Abraham.

Amber responded.


Amber shares, “Not only am I unaware of any cease and desist being sent, it’s also rather unnecessary, I have no interest in discussing Farrah or having any dialogue with her or her legal team. I’d strongly prefer she keep my name out of her mouth altogether.”

The 25-year-old Farrah reignited the feud.


After this, Amber still tried to confront Farrah during the Season 6 reunion special, but things quickly escalated and the girls had to be separated by security after Amber threw a punch at Farrah.

Amber said…


Amber said things about Farrah, she said Farrah is “very strong mind and strong opinions, so do I. So I think it’s natural for us to clash. Plus, she’s crazy.” But now things are about to get worst. Continue reading on next page

Debra Danielsen

Farrah Abraham‘s, 26, mom Debra Danielsen is getting married in November and, as devoted fans know, her TV personality daughter and her aren’t exactly on speaking terms at the moment

Amber Role

Debra asked Amber to be her maid of honor at her wedding to spite Farrah who said that she didn’t want to come. It’s hard to see this as anything but a personal dig at her daughter for Debra to ask Farrah’s frenemy to play such a pivotal role in her big day! If Amber agree to this, thing are about to get worst between Amber and Farrah