The Bachelor is an American reality tv show where many bachelors take part in the show hoping to find their perfect partner for life! The show emphasises on bringing out true love between the contestants, so a bachelor dates a bunch of women over several weeks to come to a conclusion of who he chooses to be his beloved partner. You won’t believe where are the contestants of the show now, find out when you read the article…

Jill Storment.


Jill Storment the 31-year-old-year-old retail manager from Chicago was eliminated from the show by Alex Michel in the season 1 premiere in the year 2002.  Jill is now  47, she explains, “It was so much fun. … Having drivers, and having everything paid for and they’re taking you places, and trying to keep you busy so you want to stay. You’re not staying for the guy because you don’t even know him, you’re just staying because you’re in Malibu.”

Liz Terzo

When Liz participated in the show she was a 23-year-old event market director from Chicago. Liz was eliminated by Andrew Firestone on the fifth episode of Season 3, which aired in 2003. Now Liz is married , the 38-year-old is now a mother of two kids, “It was great. I got to meet a lot of new people, both on the show but then even after the show I got to meet some family members that I didn’t even know I had because they saw me on the show and reached out to me.”

Leona Less

Leona was just 25 years old when she was in the show ‘Bachelors’, Leona was a Realtor’s assistant from Chicago, she was soon eliminated from the show by Bob Guiney on the Season 4 premiere, which aired in 2003. Now Leona is a 39-year-old mom of a cute daughter, she shares, “It’s not that I regret going on the show. I think I regret how I maybe handled some of the (magazine) interviews afterwards, I think I was trying to come off cooler than I actually was.”

Samentha Sepulveda.

Samentha when in the show was just a 25-year-old kitchen designer from Chicago she even convinced her twin sister to join the cast, she got eliminated by Bob Guiney. Now Samentha is a 39-year-old PhD communication student, she shares, “People always ask us what it’s like being twins and, you know, you give the canned response of ‘Oh, you have a built-in best friend’ and etc., etc. But we didn’t really have any really cool stories of where we tricked a boyfriend or did anything like that. See more contestants on Next Page…

Kristie Gilbert

Kristie was just a 24-year-old loan processor from Chicago, she was later eliminated by Bob Guiney on the second episode of Season 4. Kristie explained that she applied for “The Bachelor” on Valentine’s Day 2003 because she was single and depressed. Now she is a 38-year-old Texas associate market mentor for hair-care brand Monat.

Kelly Jo Higgins

Kelly was a 23-year-old director of community relations from Kalamazoo, Mich, who was eliminated in Season 4 finale. Kelly was very disappointed that she didn’t win, but now she is a 38-year-old independent consultant of Rodan and Fields, a skin care company, and a freelance makeup artist living in Canada. See more contestants on Next Page…

Emilie Lettieri

Emilie was just a 27-year-old Chicagoan in technology sales who was eliminated by Charlie O’Connell in Season 7. Now Emilie is a 40-year-old mother of a daughter, she was also crowned Mrs Arizona America in 2016. Emilie says she still religiously watches the show ‘Bachelors”.

Kerry Heiple

Kerry is a 32-year-old director of mergers and acquisitions from Chicago she was eliminated in the season 7, in 2005. Now she is a 45-year-old Ukrainian Village resident and RFx Circle and Lexus achiever at Rodan and Field. Kerry is now engaged to a man and she is also a mother of a son and a daughter.