You Won’t Believe What Cops Found In Orlando’s Bag After Being Arrested!!!

Orlando Brown, an American Actor, who has featured in 'That's so Raven', 'Family in Matters' and also in multiple movies. The Actor turned Singer, has been caught into a major trouble after getting arrested for carrying Drugs. Read more to know how and when he was caught.....

Booked for Felony narcotics possession!!

Orlando Brown an American actor turned singer, who has been arrested for felony narcotics possession, was also booked under the misdemeanor charges of drug paraphernalia and resisting arrest.

Bounty Hunters too caught him! Another Trouble?

Bounty Hunters too brought something in surprise for the actor as they caught him in Underwear when they were tipped-off, Brown was hiding in an unknown Man’s House in Las Vegas. Luckily, when they busted into the House as part of the hunt for Brown, they discovered Orlando cowering in a closet without pants on.

Court ordered the arrest of Brown!

When the actor once failed to appear in the Court trial, at a prescribed date, the Judge issued an order of his arrest last month. Even the House owner said: He was wary about his House Guest once his fiancee informed him, Brown, was a fugitive.

Meth and Pipe!

Officials after a Cab chase in which Brown was present, eventually they cuffed him after he refused to co-operate. They witnessed Brown heading out of a Motel.

Here’s what they found in the Bag of Brown!

After a prolonged Car chase which ended by Brown getting cuffed after refusing to co-operate, officials discovered Meth and Pipe. They also discovered a warrant out for his arrest for an unrelated domestic violence case.

Not an Old story for Brown.

From Getting arrested by the Bounty Hunters to being booked of the Domestic Violence against him. The legal trouble against him doesn’t seem to end anytime, soon. However, this time the Brown is behind Bars. This time, it seems Brown is going to have the toughest time facing a number of charges.

Is he Dating Raven Symone?

The giant Neck and Chest tattoo, Brown got for his Former Co-star Raven, suggests that there seems to be a Romantic sign between them. However, there is no confirmation from both the TV stars yet.