Usually you get an obvious reaction when your girlfriend shaves her head, but not this girl, when she shaved her head she got an unexpected reaction from her boyfriend. Read the article to know what his reaction was….

The girl did the unthinkable…


A guy was got a shock of his life when his partner (girl) shaved her head and texted him the picture. The guys reaction was unexpected….

His girlfriend Amanda


At the beginning the guy was so shocked to see the picture that he did not want to believe that his partner really did the unthinkable. She sent him pictures of herself minus most of her hair.

He clearly didn’t realize


The guy really couldn’t believe that his girl really did it, he even begged several times that it wasn’t real. Furiously he asked his partner why did she do it?, and where was rest of her hair….

What the hell happened??


The guy was so frustrated that he said, “You hair better not be gone I swear to god!” He even made it clear that it better not be a trick, “this is not cool Amanda!”. He further said he doesn’t like bald women!

Amanda then explains….


The guy asks desperately,”Where is all of you beautiful hair”, Amanda then explains that she took part in a breast cancer awareness at work.

The guy is worried and scared…


The seems to be very scared and worried, he still can’t accept the fact that Amanda really shaved off her beautiful hair, and thinks of it as a nightmare!

The guy asks with anger, “Who the fuck talked you into this?”


Amanda then explains that her friend Jasmine told her it was a great idea. The guy says that Jasmine is a bad influence and that Amanda should wear a hat.

The guy finally realizes that he was being pranked!!


Amanda then explain, “I had a balding app on my phone and decided to send a picture of myself using it to my boyfriend, assuming he’d probably know it was a joke. Well, turns out he didn’t, so I just went with it.”