Woof – Woof’s That Had Their Summer Fur Cut

They are all set for a Woofy Cut for the summer. Its time to woof it all up. Refresh from their furs this summer by letting some cool air to touch their body more closely

For us as human’s hair is a main factor that plays the main role of our approach & style signature, well that applies to dogs as well try these if you have your dog & never trimmed his/her hair. Of course some people prefer to keep the dogs hairy, which is fine! I think we can all agree that all dogs are cute regardless of the amount of hair they have. Take a whole new TRANSFORMATION when these dogs take a new look for themselves.

Like Owner himself is the Dog’s Style too to be the same as well


“You don’t have to say it, I know we look fabulous.” states the owner. His furry friend feels more like him after the hair trim that he had.

Shabby fur to Combed Fur either ways I look CUTE



The doggy pup feels great after it has been all “Getting ready will take so much less time now!” as it feels to be all set for the day. The straighten hair makes its eyes look more clearly.