Come up short on things to watch? Not to get stress, Peter Capaldi will spare the day.

1. Limmy’s Show!

Limmy’s Show! is a phenomenally dreamlike (and humorous) sitcom made by Glaswegian comic Brian “Limmy” Limond. There are repeating characters who you’ll certainly get attached to, especially the long-suffering TV host Falconhoof.

2. Case Histories

This climatic, fascinating series in Edinburgh highlights Jason “Lucius Malfoy” Isaacs as Jackson Brodie, a weathered, appealing private detective who enables people to proceed onward by researching their decades-old missing people cases.

3. Pramface

If you enjoyed Juno, you’ll adore this similarly amusing comic drama show set in Edinburgh. It highlights 18-year old Laura and 16-year-old Jamie, who connect at a 6th form party. Laura gets pregnant, and the arrangement takes after the highs and lows that follow.

4. Shetland

This recent BBC crime drama is set (unsurprisingly) on the remote Shetland Islands, and the vast landscape is as moody and gripping as the plot, which features murders, fire festivals, mysteries, more murders, beaches, storms, and murder.

5. The Book Group

This warm and generally welcomed 2002 sitcom rotates around a rag tag, a confused gathering of nearby weirdos who join a book group in Glasgow keep running by an American lady called Clare, who discovers she’s certainly taken on more than she could possibly deal with.

6. The Field of Blood

Diminish Capaldi plays a hard-chomped Glasgow investigator in this amazing 2011–13 wrongdoing dramatization, which is set in 1982. His philosophical character even has a Doctor Who-style sidekick: a youthful, optimistic columnist called Patricia “Paddy” Meehan.

7. Discharge


This little-known 2008 comic drama arrangement stars Gregor Fisher and ex-hobbit Billy Boyd as Jacky Allen and Tony MacBryan, two garrulous men who work for a property maintenance company in Glasgow. It’s a delicate, connecting with, and really amusing show.

8. The Young Person’s Guide to Becoming a Rock Star

This is really entertaining and drawing in 1998 comic drama show takes after a gathering of Glaswegian youths as they aim to get their band (Jocks Wa Hey) to easy street. It additionally highlights an energetic Gerard Butler as a shabby performer called Marty Claymore.

9. Takin’ Over the Asylum

This honor winning 1994 six-section arrangement highlights a youthful looking David Tennant as Campbell, a hyper depressive patient in a Glasgow psychiatric Hospital, who turns into the Hospital radio DJ. It’s dazzling, motivated stuff, and truly justified regardless of a watch.

10. Burnistoun

Burnistoun is another awesome Scottish sketch show appear. It’s set in an anecdotal west drift town and elements diverting characters like Kelly McGlade, Burnistoun’s response to Beyoncé, and two abnormal siblings who run a frozen yogurt van.

11. Foreigner

Alright, you’ve likely known about this hit series, but you haven’t got round to watching it yet, it’s very worth tuning into the epic story of a medical attendant who gets wanged back to 1740s Scotland through a stone circle, and afterward meets a “verra” attractive Scot called Jamie.

12. The Crow Road

Here’s a similarly youthful looking Peter Capaldi. In 1996, he played Rory McHoan in this adjustment of Iain Banks’ obscurely hilarious novel about a nephew’s search for his uncle, who vanished while composing a book. It’s a genuinely famous arrangement.