Wow! 12 Cosy, And Unique Scottish Airbnbs That Are In Just £35 A Night

Need to unwind in a hot tub for under £35? Visit Scotland.

7. This vintage VW camper in the Highlands.


This (static) camper van is sited on an acre of land next to Culloden Moor. It’s small but cozy and has a fire pit, outdoor seating area, and you can use the owner’s house if you want a bath or just a change of scenery in just £35 per night for 2 guests.

8. This entire flat in central Edinburgh.


This fancy, a well-appointed studio is just five minutes walk from Haymarket train station, it’s been recently modernized and is decked out with hotel-quality linen and towels in just £35 per night for 3 guests. It’s crazy good value, in other words.