In a city dominated by the burgeoning cat cafe market, New York City is finally saying woof to a new type of eating experience with animals. Yes right—dogs are finally getting their cute and cuddly due with the opening of the city first dog cafe later this year.

Boris & Horton, The Cafe


In December 2017, canines and their human companions will be able to enjoy the dog-friendly “coffee shop and community space” called Boris & Horton.



Located in the East Village of lower Manhattan, Boris & Horton is named after the two dogs, a pitbull mix and terrier mix, who belong to the cafe’s dad-and-daughter co-owners.

Here are the cafe’s namesakes Boris & Horton’s. Awww!


People can bring their dogs to the cafe and have a Boris & Horton employee watch the pups in the other room while the humans enjoy a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, pastry, or sandwich.

Design and Architecture of Cafe



As required by the Health Department, there will be a glass partition separating the dog-romping area from the food-serving area. But patrons are free to go back and forth between the two areas.

The Holzman family also has plans to hold dog adoption events at the space.


Coppy Holzman, the dad half of the duo said, “It’s basically going to someone’s nice living room with your dog, and it’s adjacent to a place where you can get all your food and coffee.”

Popular Dog Cafes in The World


This dog cafe will be somewhat different from cat cafes, which are popular in Japan and have been popping up over the U.S. in recent years. At many cat cafes, the felines lounging around the premises are available for adoption. In this regard, Boris & Horton is more like a pet-friendly restaurant.

Very First Dog Cafe


The very first dog cafe in the U.S., Los Angeles’ the Dog Cafe, opened earlier this year and similar to cat cafes, the pups at the Dog Cafe are up for adoption.

NYC is blessed..


A dog cafe is a boon for NYC, where dog lovers are often restricted from owning four-legged buddies due to rental rules. That’s why Boris & Horton is welcoming to non-dog owners, too, and encourages them to come hang out with other people’s dogs.

What does owner say?


“What we found is, a lot of people like dogs and because of their circumstances can’t have one — so this is a dog-friendly place.”  There’s never too much doggie love to go around!