Even though the Teen Mom stars have their fair share of drama, every now and then, one of the stars from 16 and Pregnant reminds us all that they get their fair share of drama as well. One fan caught this 16 and Pregnant star shaking things up by deciding to make money in a unique way. Read the story to find who is that teen mom.

16 and Pregnant


If you’re a huge Teen Mom and 16&P fan, you probably remember her. Even though she first appeared on the show years ago, she occasionally makes headlines for the hardships that she’s been facing in her life recently.

Hard life


Most of the 16 & Pregnant girls suffer a hard life as they have a huge responsibility on them, and most of them can’t pursue their dreams. In the past year, this teen mom has struggled with hard drugs and mental illness, and it was clear she was in a bad place.

One of the star cast is on the wrong path


She wrote, “I suffered from very bad post-partum depression. While trying to get this issue under control, I started working at a [strip] club, a place that would completely alter my life in ways I never thought. For the past two years, I have struggled with addiction… I practically used my body as a trash can and would put whatever was given to me in my body.”

She attempted suicide in 2014


She even wrote that she attempted suicide in 2014. “I got to the point where I wanted to die,” she said. “I had lost everything I cared about in life and felt that I had nothing to live for, so I was hospitalized for a little over a week.” 

Hopefully, she is now clean, but she’s apparently turned to being an escort to pay the bills


She recounts turning to harder and harder drugs until she reached an all-time low before things finally began to get better. “I have been clean for a little over five weeks and see a substance abuse counselor every other week to prevent relapse,” she wrote. “I have also not set foot in a club since two days after my first first full day of being clean.”

Making money! Escorting


One 16 & Pregnant fan saw a familiar face on an escorting website. Although this doesn’t mean she’s relapsed into drugs, it does mean she’s still in the field of sex work.

Jordan Cashmyer


Some fans on Reddit were concerned about Jordan Cashmyer appearance. User TieDyeRehabHoodie wrote, “She looks so frail and unhealthy. Her socks are so dirty. This poor girl :(“  Others pointed out that this may, in fact, mean Jordan Cashmyer is back to using. NotNowJustMeow wrote, “If you look at the screen shots someone posted; her ad says ‘party friendly’, in the escorting world this means she will do drugs with you.”

Making Ends Meet


It’s impossible to know what exactly is going on in Jordan’s life, but it’s clear she’s doing what she can to make ends meet.