WOW! These Six Babies Dressed As Tiny Disney Princesses Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

We all know that our daughters are princesses in our hearts and the apple of our eyes, but photographer Karen Marie has taken it to the next level with her Belly Beautiful Portraits project and turned a group of babies into royalty, ahem, make that Disney royalty.

Clearly, her love for babies and photography made the magic in these photos possible.


Karen may very well have the best job ever, and in her own words she added that “I feel so lucky that I was able to create a career out of my passion for babies and my love for photography.”

Although the shoot was a huge success, Karen admits that it wasn’t always easy.


Some Belle’s might have seemed like real beauties in these shots, but they turned into real beasts when they got fussy. Then again, it’s difficult to stay mad at these newborns when all you want to do is love them.