WOW! These Six Babies Dressed As Tiny Disney Princesses Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

We all know that our daughters are princesses in our hearts and the apple of our eyes, but photographer Karen Marie has taken it to the next level with her Belly Beautiful Portraits project and turned a group of babies into royalty, ahem, make that Disney royalty.

Karen really did think of pretty much everything when she came up with each setting.


The only thing that was missing from this shoot was plushy of the Beast. But Belle’s yellow dress and the magical rose in the glass casing as well as the teapot on the far left was simply divine.

It’s a good thing that Karen had a wonderfully supportive staff to help put Sleeping Beauty to sleep.


We doubt that the Maleficent could have done any better with this baby, but Karen will admit that she uses love and kindness and not dark magic to get what she wants.