Cannibalism is a very serious crime in today’s world, ‘Cannibal family’ from Krasnodar in Russia confesses to eating at least 30 people for 30 years and no one seem to notice it until now. Read the article to know more….

Dmitry Baksheev and Natalia Baksheeva

Natalia Baksheeva (left), 42, and husband Dmitry Baksheev (right), 35, have been arrested after an investigation by the police where both the criminals confessed that they ate at least 30 people!

Both the suspects were questioned thoroughly!



After being questioned one of the suspects Natalia said that she made ‘pies’ of suspected human meat and supplied them to local restaurants. So other people have been eating it too? See on the next page what the other suspect said….

When they questioned the second suspect…



The other suspect Dimitry said that he has been in cannibalism since 1999. Together they killed and ate 30 or more victims. After investigating their house they found sliced human remains were found in their fridge and freezer.

The most shocking fact that came out was….


The most shocking fact that the police discovered was that both the cannibals lived in their home at a hostel in a military academy in Krasnodar, southern Russia. They later discovered that one of their victim was Elena Vashrushevwho was a waitress by profession and she lived close to Natalia and her husband. Read on next page how they trapped their victims….

‘I bake pies,’ said Natalia Baksheeva


Natalia baked pies with whatever was around and sold it to bakeries and to military trainees including student pilots. She supplied meat to at least one cafe in the city and also sought a job as a chef. One officer said, ‘We are a serious educational institution and now because of a drunk street cleaner (Baksheev) and a nurse we are in this scandal.’

Women who joined dating websites vanished.


Whereas Dimitry was in an orphanage before Vladimir and his first wife adopted him, but it was found out that his natural parents were drug addicts. Dimitry Baksheev used dating sites to recruit women who he and his wife then killed and ate. A female officer said, ‘Nobody will speak to you here. The bosses are in the state of shock, many fear losing their jobs.’ See what they found in their house…

What they found in their house.


The officials found seven bags of body parts in their fridge and freezer, one jar with pickled human remains, and 19 slices of skin. There were also many cans with steamed meat, one police officer said, ‘Going through the photographs, the woman has recognised more than 30 victims that they killed and eaten.”

 They even found eaten victim’s possessions.


One officer said, ‘In their home, many mobile phones of their victims were found, and also video lessons on how to cook meals from human meat, we can see a cooked human head at the big plate surrounded by mandarins. They put olives into the eyes and attached a lemon to the nose.’