You Cannot Afford To Miss These Things To Eat In Life

There are many things people would like to do in life before they died. These 21 food items are such things that you cannot afford to miss in Fife. So make the most of the time you have left and check out these amazing and delicious dishes you must try! Read the article to know more.

The delicious chocolate ganache with banana ice cream.


The delicious combination of  bananas and chocolate are a match made in heaven from Sangster’s Restaurant in Elie.

Lobster and chips


In the East Neuk of Fife a beautiful village named Elie offers a wide range of delicious food like the traditional pub specializes in seafood, but they also do a baked avocado fondue for vegetarians.


Cumbrian lamb with smoked potato, peas, and ricotta at Rocca.


In the city of St. Andrews Rocca is an unabashedly fancy, three AA rosette restaurant beside the Old Course.