You Could Never Guess The Uses Of These Things #9 will Make You Kick Yourself

We are flooded by stuff! Stuff, we see around us every day, but never take the time to look closely even once and wonder what does that little mark on the back of that thing do? This we did, though. We sat together with 10 things from our daily lives and tried to find out how were they intended to use when they were made. Read on, and have fun.

3. Plaits on pants


Ever wondered who added the crease to the trousers and why? In the 19th century, when European garment manufacturers would ship their products to be sold in other countries, they’d try to fit in as many clothes in the cargo space as possible. The pants would be so tightly pressed, that they would get the lifelong crease.

4. The panty pocket


The inner layers of our undies are made up of a softer material. This makes the undies have two seams, but in the panties, you can have only one seam inside. So the other side’s left open making a pocket inside. Continue on the next page to know why iPhones have a little hole next to the camera..