You Could Never Guess The Uses Of These Things #9 will Make You Kick Yourself

We are flooded by stuff! Stuff, we see around us every day, but never take the time to look closely even once and wonder what does that little mark on the back of that thing do? This we did, though. We sat together with 10 things from our daily lives and tried to find out how were they intended to use when they were made. Read on, and have fun.

7. The number 57 on Heinz ketchup bottles


It looks like a marketing thing or a hall mark of the brand, but if you tilt the bottle over your fries and give a little tap on the number with your palm when the ketchup won’t flow, you’d be delighted to see what happens.

8. A code on makeup bottles


Any cosmetic products, like eyeshadow or powder, contains this little open jar image, marked 6M, 12M, or 24M. This marking says the expiry time of the item in months. Read on to know the coolest revelation of these all.