You Could Never Guess The Uses Of These Things #9 will Make You Kick Yourself

We are flooded by stuff! Stuff, we see around us every day, but never take the time to look closely even once and wonder what does that little mark on the back of that thing do? This we did, though. We sat together with 10 things from our daily lives and tried to find out how were they intended to use when they were made. Read on, and have fun.

9. Replaceable blades on a box cutter


How many times have blades given up, right before the unboxing of the package we were eagerly waiting for. It’s frustrating but there’s a way out, you know! Just remove the blade out of the holder and split a little, and you’ll get a sharp piece of a blade to open the box. Just make sure you do it carefully.

10. The knob on the rear-view mirror


Rear-view mirrors have a special system that makes them useful and stress-free in night time. It’s a double reflective coating on the glass, that protects our eyes from the intense lights of the car behind. Use this knob, and your eyes won’t hurt the next time there’s a bright light in the mirror.