You Won’t Believe What Tristan Said To Khloe After The Scandal

Khloe Kardashian has recently welcomed her first baby daughter into this world. Just before her birth, a video surfaced showing her baby daughter’s father cheating on her. Before the birth of her daughter Khloe decided to move to Cleveland but now it seems she regrets her decision.

Khloe And Tristan


Khloe And Tristan have been dating each other for a long time since August 2016. The couple has been together since then and despite all the rumors in the past couple has managed to come ahead and take control of their life.

Khloe giving birth to their first child



Khloe delivered on April 12 around 4 am in the morning at the Ohio hospital with her sisters by her side.

Tristan’s Cheating Scandal Came Forward


With all that is going with Khloe, a video came forth that even shocked her more than ever. In the video, Tristan was seen cheating on Khloe with some woman after his match in New York.

Moving To Cleveland Might Be A Bad Idea


Khloe before giving birth to her baby daughter decided to move to Cleveland. A source said “Khloé shipped everything to Cleveland. She was fully moved in there and was planning on raising the baby there full-time and making that her and her daughter’s home.” Stay tuned to know what Khloe decide after doctor discharge her on the next page…