A Young Boy Abandoned By Everyone, Get’s Adopted By A Woman And Returns The Favor 28 Years Later

It very sad to know that people can be so cruel, to abandon a child at such a young age! In a similar story a young boy was abandoned by his parents and everyone else, but a king woman adopted him and took care of him, 28 years later the boy returned her the favour in a very special way. Read the article to know more….

Adopting a child is a very kind deed.


Every year thousands of kids are put up for adoption, some don’t have parents and some are abandoned by their parents. But adopting them is a very kind deep you can ever do and to give the child an opportunity to have a loving family.

Some kids grow up and return the favor!


Similar is the story of a kid Jordan who was adopted by a woman and 28 years later he returned her favor in a very special way. Read on next page to know what he did…

Jordan was just an abandoned infant



Jordan was just an infant when he was put up for adoption. It wasn’t easy getting him when he was up for adoption, Ingeborg McIntosh had to wait for four years trying to convince Jordan’s biological mother.

Jordan’s mother had a condition for adoption.


Jordan’s biological mother had kept a condition that her can only be adopted by a black or biracial parents. Ingeborg McIntosh had to have a strong point to convince his biological mother. What Jordan did 28 years later read on next page….

McIntosh was white.


As per Jordan’s biological mother’s condition it was impossible for McIntosh to adopt Jordan, but at the same time it was impossible to find another home for the baby. Jordan’s biological mother continued trying to search for the parents that she believed her son should have.

Eventually she gave into Ingeborg.


After four years of struggle McIntosh was finally able to adopt Jordan, at four-years-old, Jordan was officially Ingeborg’s son. But her happiness did not last long, after two decades Ingeborg found out she had polycystic kidney disease. Hearing about his mother’s disease Jordan did something amazing, read on next page… 

Ingeborg had polycystic kidney disease


Ingeborg was in serious condition and needed an immediate kidney transplant as soon as possible. Jordan couldn’t stand his mother’s condition so he booked an appointment to see if he could be a match for a kidney transplant.

It was a match!


Jordan found out that he was a perfect match and decided to lend his kidney to his mom Ingeborg. Soon she was out of danger and it was the best gift she could have ever got!