In such occasionally violent life, Adults are aware of the facts that the society is facing and the type of harm it can do to them. But on the other side kids are unaware of these violent crimes near them and they should be. Their innocence is unprepared for this dark world. That is why videos like this leave us with a greater shock. You will be horrified after knowing what exactly happened.

1. Insensible Violence


This video was uploaded by using Snapchat and it’s incredibly difficult to watch. This horrifying violence of the worst Kid- against children. The only thing which makes it worse is that the violence is done by a 10-year-old.

2. Out Of Nowhere


The girl strolling with her mother and does not have any idea of the mishap that is going to happen. This walks to this girl and brutally kicks out the feet from under her. She was thrown like a pack of brick on the concrete.

3. He won’t Stop


That’s not the end of this story. The recklessness of this sick young boy didn’t stop there, He’s in search of the second victim. This girl is playing happily in the grass and has no idea about what is going to happen. This wicked boy comes and kicks this girl with both the feet and she is thrown to the ground soft landing though but isn’t getting up either.

4. From Where Did This Guy Come


If these were adults the police would have taken action against this. But no one came forward as the victim or the attacker. We don’t know who they are, where they are and how could this kid get away with this type of crime.

5. This Is How Some Kids End Up Because Of Bad Parenting


Be it Kids or adults but how can someone end up doing all these activities? Obviously, we blame the parents in these type of cases. There can be no doubt about how this kid ended up getting those violent tendencies.

6.  This Is Worse


There is more to blame than just bad parenting thing. One should keep a watch what the kids are watching. We have built a society which consists of toxic atmosphere and hatred. And if you don’t get what you want, you fight for it.

7. Fade Out Scream


After attacking the second victim, there’s a high pitched scream and suddenly the video fades away. Mostly this is what happens in all these situations, We watch, We record, We express our horror, then we forget about it all.

8. Likes, Reactions, Fame Is All He Wanted


It is already shared so many times on social media and got the attention of thousands of people. They did this for likes? Wanted some reactions from the people? Maybe be! Many people have named him evil or monster. He just wanted fame or notoriety and got both by creating this horrible video.