When Brianne Dow got pregnant, she knew she wanted to do something different to surprise her husband. Under the guise of a free photo session in the park, Brianne brought in Samantha Boos, a photographer.

Samantha asked the couple to write 3 words that describe each other. Brianne wrote, “You’re going to be a daddy!” on her board.

Samantha captured the moment you become a father beautifully. The special love these two share is captured in stunning photographic detail.

When 24-year-old Wisconsinite Brianne Dow found out she was pregnant, she didn’t want to tell daddy-to-be Brandon right away


She recruited their wedding photographer, Samantha Boos, to help stage a photo shoot where she could surprise him with the news!

Armed with two chalkboards and the huge baby secret, Boos had the couple pose in the park


Dow told her unsuspecting husband that they won a free photo session, giving him no indication of what was to come.

Boos had the couple stand back-to-back


Boos then asked the couple to write three words to describe one another. She photographed each board individually, then had the two turn around to see what each other had written.

Hubby didn’t know was that Dow had written


The hubby didn’t know was that Dow had written the big news on her board. Rather than her three sweet words, he turned around to see, “You’re going to be a daddy!”

“Brandon’s reaction was priceless when he read her board”


Love What Matters  

His shock dissolved into happy tears as the couple met in the most beautiful embrace


Of course, Boos snapped every second of the reveal.

Dow said that keeping the secret was tough


But it was “worth it” for the reveal, the reaction, and the amazing photos.

Sweet photo shoot definitely captured the couple’s love


The sweet photo shoot definitely captured the couple’s love and gave them their first memory as a new family. It’s also a great indicator that their baby will be as fun and photogenic as they are!

As the Dows begin their life with a baby on board


we can’t wait to see more photos of the future family!