Your Guy Is Noticing All These Details Minutely And You’re Clueless

To the ladies who imagine that men live in dimness or do not have the observation skills, time to shatter all those believes. While ladies are just always engaged in fun and trying to perfect their makeup, we overlook that men do see us. In spite of the fact that they don’t show the amount of focus they keep on us and our little habits, they are the ones who watch us more than we do. Here is a list of things that men see minutely and ladies are just clueless.

1. Freaking Out When Your Mom Calls When You Are With Him


Whenever they are with you they notice each and everything, also when your mom calls and if at all you freak out. They won’t say a thing but they are secretly watching.

2. Clothes You Wear And How Comfortable You Are In Those



If at all you are wearing those smelly, stained sweatpants for quite a long time now, He’s sure to gift you that tide pod now. He doesn’t like you wearing those old things again and again.

3. He Minutely Notices Your Texting


Men do focus on each emojis you utilize and which ones you use more frequently. With your replies and messaging speed, they find your interest in them. Yes! They do love quick replies.

4. They Observe You While You Sleep Or Snore


To whatever degree you may be comfortable with him, he notices you all things you do. But, let me disclose to you he cherishes to see you in deep sleep, he adores the satisfaction and content on your face. Click next to know more facts.