If you are young, broke and want to travel the world then here we have 15 amazing places to visit in your vacations, affordable destinations. Read the article to know these places.

1. Haiti.

Haiti is a beautiful place in the Caribbean, If you go during off-season, you can save even more money. Flights are cheap and hotels are anywhere from $50-$150 a night. Recommended stays is the Wahoo Bay Beach club and resort.

2. Albania.

Albania lies in the coastline for a fraction of a price of a typical European beach vacation. Accommodation is cheaper than cheap, starting at only $5.

3. Cambodia.

Cambodia in a nice place to visit, you can live like a king. Traveling on tuks tuks and eating a delicious meals will only cost you pennies. Take a ride on a luxury river boats down the Mekong and visit a local buddhist monk.

4. Costa Rica.

Rio Celeste Falls

In Costa Rica you can visit the National parks like Manuel Antonio National Park and Corcovado National Park only cost a few dollars. The public transportation is also super cheap, the beaches are beautiful, and the food is extremely affordable. The beaches, the rainforest and the waterfalls are an amazing sight for soar eyes.

5. Belize.

Belize ia an amazing romantic destination. Many of their 4-star hotels are less than $100 per night and include extra perks like bike rentals and local wine. Two can eat at an upscale restaurant for less than $30.

6. San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is one of the cheapest destinations for tourists looking for low budget vacations. Go during off-season anywhere from the end of April through mid-December. No passport and no currency exchange is needed because it is a U.S territory. Try Hotel Casa Blanca or Villa Herencia for a very nice but low-cost boutique hotel option.

7. Mazatlan, Mexico.

Mexico is a prime destination for cheap vacations. The current exchange rate is 20.69 Mexican pesos for $1. Mazatlan is less touristy than other Mexican destinations and it is the shrimp capital of Mexico. Food is extremely cheap there because it is in  Sinaloa, the state that grows the bulk of produce in Mexico.

8. Morocco.

Morocco is one of the most affordable African countries. Earlier this year, flights were available from NYC for only $400 roundtrip. For an average person a typical Moroccan meal can cost you anywhere from $2.50 to $15 for two, which includes appetizers, entree and unlimited mint tea.

9. Lisbon, Portugal.

Lisbon is an amazing vacation destination. A bottle of wine and an entree can be found for around around €5 each. This is the time to travel to Europe now that the dollar is so strong against the euro.

10. Madrid, Spain

Spain is much cheaper to travel, than travelling to Europe.  Travel to Barcelona for cheap tapas and wine at El Xampanyet for only around €10-15 each. You can lay on the beach at Barceloneta and take the tram up to Tibidabo for only €5.

11. Hanoi, Vietnam

In Hanoi, Vietnam you can have upscale accommodations, cheap and healthy food and beautiful sights. The favorite attracting is kayaking make sure you kayak in the emerald green waters of Halong Bay or relax in ancient Hoi An and its nearby beaches.

12. Crete, Greece.

Crete has the freshest seafood imaginable and they practically invented the idea of “farm-to-table” well before it was a fad. Check out the unbelievable Balos beach and enjoy Greece without breaking the bank.

13. Bali, Indonesia.

Bali is incredibly beautiful and one of the most inexpensive destinations to visit. You’ll get high quality in accommodation, cheap food and an unreal experience for very little money at all. You can easily stay in a private villa for around $50 per night.

14. Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok, Thailand is one of the most well know place for vacations. Hotel rooms can be as low as $20 a night and if you book in advance flights are inexpensive as well. The best thing about it is that you are only a cheap flight or ferry ride away from the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen in your life.

15. Cuba.

Cuba is a wonderful place, the best months to travel there are sometime between September to November and January to March.