Zayn Inconsolable Post Breakup Reveals Marriage Plans With Gigi

The recent breakup news between the singer couple Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid hit the internet strong. It came as a shock to everyone that the couple broke up after being two years together. Both Zayn and Gigi posted the news on Twitter to avoid rumors. While the fans were still trying to absorb the news the recent news has left even the fans heartbroken. It seems Zayn is not taking the breakup well and seems totally shattered. The grieve struck singer also reveals he planned on getting married to Gigi. Read more to know what he said.

Fans Are Shocked


The couple broke up after dating for two years. They really looked adorable. Not only the fans even the close ones to the stars are shocked after hearing the news. The stars delivered statements about the news to avoid rumors.

Zayn Upset Over Breakup



While all the fans are still trying to get onboard with the news another shocking revelation has been made. It seems even the “Pillow Talk” singer is not taking their breakup well.

Zayn’s Future Plans


A Source stated that Zayn had marriage plans with Gigi which proves he was really serious. The source stated, “Zayn is heartbroken over his break up with Gigi, he thought he was going to marry her.”

Still In Love


The source further added, “Zayn is still in love with Gigi and wanted to settle down and start a family with her. He was so wrapped up in her.” Turn next for more shocking revelations.