10 Shocking Things That Prisoners Get In Jail

The vast majority who consider prisoners will normally accept that they will be extremely restricted in precisely what they can and can’t have. All things considered, they are in the office since they have carried out wrongdoings and are being rebuffed. Here is a list of 10 things that are accessible by prisoners that you won’t believe.

#10 Game Consoles


Despite the fact that games consoles are generally considered as a luxury item for the vast majority of people. In some jail, prisoners are allowed to play on a gaming console.

#9 Restaurant



An inmate at a prison in Honduras actually owns and operates his very own restaurant separate from the standard jail cafeteria.

#8 Birds


According to the new rules, the inmates are not allowed to buy new birds as a pet. Many prisons in the United Kingdom would allow long-term inmates to keep a bird as a pet in their cell.

#7 Typewriters


A typewriter might seem like a strange thing for a prisoner to want but they are legally allowed access to one of the machines and can keep them in their cell. More shocking things await on next page….