11 Royal Baby Names And Their True Meanings

The thought of being born into something with such a long and noble legacy sounds pretty darn special — and marrying into the royal family isn’t half bad either.

The titles of “prince” and “princess” might make it seem like every day is a fairy tale. While there are parts of the job that aren’t all roses, there is certainly no lack of opportunity to get dressed up and go to a gala or a ball.The royal family doesn’t name their own babies just anything. A lot of thought goes into what to name a child no matter who you are, but there is extra pressure on the choice of a royal baby name for a girl or a boy.

And in the case of those who marry into royalty, it’s just as important that they have a regal moniker!These 11 royal baby names for both boys and girls have fit their regal owners perfectly. Would you ever name your child any of these royal baby names?

1. Elizabeth

1. Elizabeth

Royal Example: Queen Elizabeth II

Meaning: My God is bountiful, God of plenty

Elizabeth is one of the most common names in England, understandably so as it’s the name of the queen herself. When she was born in 1926, she really did get the right name, as she has ensured her people live bountiful lives.


2. Henry

2. Henry

Royal Example: Prince Henry of Wales (Prince Harry)

Meaning: Home, ruler

Henrys can also go by Harry, as evidenced by the younger son of Princess Diana. Prince Harry will most likely never rule, but he was given the proper name when he was born in 1984, as he took great pride in his home country when he served in the military from 2005 to 2015.