American dads: “Love you, honey!” British dads: “I’ve just shagged your mum.”

These are few pictures which shows the difference between the parents in America and and Parents in the Britain.

American parents on holiday:

This girl really adores her parents.

British parents on holiday:

Both Child and dog wants to get over of the lady.

New moms in America:

A Mother’s Day collected wisdom from Andrea Gasso on coaching softball, being a new mom and balancing the two..

New mums in Britain:


Now that was terrible!

Sports-themed baby names in America:

He is die hard fan of Football.

Sports-themed baby names in Britain:


Love for the Arsenal.

Parents hanging out with your friends in America:

Twinning is new thing..!

Parents hanging out with your friends in Britain:

What the f**k..

Dads reacting to emergencies in America:


Dad saves son from flying bat.

Dads reacting to emergencies in Britain:


Overprotecting dads, you know..

Why parents argue in America:


Woooh. Competition between Ford and Mercedes.

Why parents argue in Britain:


Fun family activities in America:

Happy Independence day to Ohio…

Fun family activities in Britain:


His mom is Hilarious.

Home cooking in America:

And Best cooking award goes to mommy!

Home “cooking” in Britain:


And here in Britain, Gordon Ramsay got a fan.