Cardi B’s Turning Prostitution Mainstream With The New Song F**K Him And Get Some Money

People are really pissed after Cardi B recently came up with with a song with the lyrics saying ” F**K him and get some money”. People are trying to figure out why she made a song like this and why she’s turning prostitution so mainstream. But it can be a dispute between the singers, To know more read the whole thing.

Burning Up The Charts


Cardi B is burning up the charts these days. Her new tune “F*ck Him And I Get Some Money” is causing discussion. Be that as it may, this additionally appears like it may be an instance of mean young ladies bullying others.

Starting A New Dispute



Azealia Banks simply finished her fight with Nicki Minaj, however now it would appear that she is beginning one with Cardi B, it’s strange. We all know Azealia Banks has some unpleasant things to say about another woman in the music industry. To know the reach of Azealia accusing Cardi B, read the next page.