Here’s Your Chance To See How Love Looks Like

We all ultimately find that one person who would be with us throughout our lives and it all gets happily ever after. But one often wonders how they never thought that particular person would become so important to them when they first met. You feel affection and care towards this person and suddenly you wonder is it love, or if you know you love him/her you still don’t know what exactly love is. Love is something which can be trapped in words, expressed in poetry and every possible form. Here are cute illustrations that depict even simple actions and thoughts define love and how it looks like.

Giving them the first bite


Your “Joey Doesn’t Share Food”attitude is never applicable to them. Instead, they are eligible for a first bite.

Doing pretty much everything- together



You are never affected by each other’s gross habits and late grooming sessions. The get all waxed and smell all good is no more required. Instead, you both are even comfortable with your farts between the serious conversations. Combing their hair or cutting and painting their toenails you enjoy it. Since you both have shared most intimate moments with each other you are meant to be together and forever.

Comfort level 10/10


You know you are totally into your relationship when you can do the most personal and gross things in front of each other without feeling shy.

Accepting the quirks


They know you in and out and still prefer to stay by your side in spite of knowing all your habits and quirks. For instance, you enter the grocery store to buy just a few things quickly and you know you don’t keep your side of the bargain and end up buying a lot more, they get you a basket because they exactly know you are gonna do that. Turn next for more.