Meghan Markle’s Dad Will Finally Be A Part Of The Wedding

The Royal Wedding is approaching closer and everyone is eager to hear some amazing updates about the ceremony. As this wedding, in particular, has held a lot of surprises and exceptions starting from the couple themselves. The wedding is surely going to be one of the greatest events in the wedding history of the UK after a long time. While things are all set and invitations are sent out it seems the Royals are fine with some last minute surprises as Meghan’s dad will be attending the ceremony. Read more to know the details.

The royal wedding


The royal wedding is approaching soon. The couple will get married on May 19, 2018, at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. All of the U.K is excited to witness the grand ceremony and every day there are new updates on it.

An exception to the rules are made for Meghan



Meghan Markle adores breaking, it’s royal protocol. Despite whether she’s wearing her hair in a messy bun or spending Christmas with Queen Elizabeth II before wedding Prince Harry, Meghan is allowed to do it all and this makes the wedding more special.

Meghan and Prince Harry have given real thought to the wedding


The soon to be royal couple has given a lot of thoughts to their wedding preparations, be it their guest list or the gifts they are expecting. They have made sure everything is unique and subtle.

Meghan’s family is not invited to the wedding but now things have changed


After the incident with her half-brother, her plan to invite the family members got limited. It seemed that only her dad and mom were to attend the wedding but there were no details about Meghan’s dad participating in the ceremony. But things have changed now, find out on the next page.