Tiger Gives A Shocking Reaction When It Notices This Pregnant Mom’s Belly

Over thousands of years man has ill-treated animals mostly for their own selfish desires, we have exploited, tortured and killed them. What we as humans fail to understand that even animals have a heart, they have feelings too! Just like this tiger who gave a shocking reaction seeing this pregnant moms belly. Read the article to know more.

It’s an opportunity for humans to feel a connection to animals


Zoo is a place where rescued and endangered species of animals are kept under safe environment, it is to protect them from dangers like poachers who hunt them for various cruel reasons.

One of the favorite attractions of Potawatomi zoo is the Sumatran tigers.


Tigers are elegant and one of the most beautiful predator species in the world. In case of Sumatran tigers one adult male may claim up to 40 square miles of territory. Tigers have a very sharp instincts, they are caring towards their cubs and they train them well.