Tiger Gives A Shocking Reaction When It Notices This Pregnant Mom’s Belly

Over thousands of years man has ill-treated animals mostly for their own selfish desires, we have exploited, tortured and killed them. What we as humans fail to understand that even animals have a heart, they have feelings too! Just like this tiger who gave a shocking reaction seeing this pregnant moms belly. Read the article to know more.

Then something totally unexpected happened…


As soon as she too a selfie the tigress began to scratch the glass wall, Natasha obviously got scare thinking the tigress was angry. But soon she realized that the tigress was not at all angry, instead the tigress was trying to do something very wonderful. So one of her friends told Natasha that the tigress was just reaching out to her pregnant belly.

Natasha decided to press her 27-week-old belly up to the glass.


As soon as Natasha pressed her pregnant belly on the glass wall the tigress stopped scratching the glass and started rubbing her face on the glass here the belly was pressed. To everyone’s surprise the tigress actually knew she was pregnant, and she was helping out with the prenatal care.