Unilad’s Facebook Page Has Been Blocked

Facebook is very strict with their rules and regulations about the content people or any organization post on the internet. You should be aware what people can criticize and love things you post but after all the content websites are all about viral things and mind blogging facts. That's what exactly happened with Unilad this morning, due to heavy reporting about this page, Facebook has blocked Unilad's page because of negative comments. Let's just go throw what exactly happened with the page.

People Connected To Unilad

Unilad employs around 60 people, with the Facebook understanding the site’s main source of revenue. The ban has left us with some unanswered questions, Facebook has been approached for comments.

Unilad’s Main Content

The website was known for posting amusing and sometimes controversial, with posts, for example, “Sexual Mathematics” marked as sexist. It has since moved to post a blend of genuine substance and viral videos and runs spin-off pages, for example, Unilad Tech.