THE BACHELOR - "Episode 2111 - The Women Tell All" - Tempers flare and there are plenty of fireworks, as 19 of the most memorable women this season are back to confront Nick and tell their side of the story. There were highs and lows during Nick's unforgettable season - and then there was Corinne, the most controversial bachelorette of the group. The very self-confident Corinne, who has been the woman viewers and the other bachelorettes have loved to hate, returns to have her chance to defend herself. Rachel, the recently announced new Bachelorette, shares some insight into how she plans to handle her search for love. Danielle L. and Kristina attempt to get some closure to their sudden and heart-wrenching break-ups. Then, take a sneak peak at the dramatic season finale and Nick's final two women, on "The Bachelor: The Women Tell All," MONDAY, MARCH 6 (9:01-11:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Michael Yada) CHRIS HARRISON, RACHEL LINDSAY

Come along with us as we take you’ll to the wider range of how Bachelor’s are moving with things so far.

Lindsay(host) is stuck with a bunch of clowns or is not..


Lindsay is the first lady in ‘The Bachelorette’  show for 13 seasons and there has never been a black Bachelor in 21 seasons. The very late move towards diversity is already creating a of enormous effected shift for a pathologically beige cultural institution. But instead of trying to do something they should of done a long time ago right, they’re flailing around with new and terrible ways to try and shake things up.


Chris Harrison – The Host of the Show


In 2001, becoming the host of ABC’s hit romance & reality series – The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. He also has hosted  the ABC’s popular reality show, called “Bachelor Pad” – the “all-star” reunion from previous seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette starting from 2010 to 2012.


Grant(Jason Mesnick) shares that he once pooped in a two-liter Coke bottle.. (Oopsss..!!! was that necessary to disclose.)


In this season Grant shares his secrets to his viewers & the brief explanation of his past. Grant never grants any bands besides the Beatles and Coldplay. Avoiding the Chainsmokers as well.

Dean, who has the word “righteous” tattooed inside his lip, calls marriage – “a thing that is not what it is purported to be.” Clearly, he is on The Bachelorette show where about getting married, is for the wrong reasons. But not for the viewers.


Dean is not the only contestant with an inner lip tattoo, as it is probably already assumed by viewers. Milton also has a lip tattoo. When asked why he decided to try out for the show, he replies, “Real answer? Discovered. Everyone tells me I’m made for TV/movies. Doesn’t mean I’m out here hoping for that, but I would like to break into writing or acting.” So far he has yet to go with a view to keep things going on.

Diggy is kinda’ cute, right.. Well sorry to let you know that he is considered to be a ‘Dumb Ass’ for most.


Season 13 of The Bachelorette is about Rachel Lindsay’s journey to love. Since she was a fan favorite, I’m not at all surprised that she has a whopping 31 men hailing to take that journey with her. One of these Bachelor’s is ‘Diggy’ & you do want to know what’s up gonna come.  The 31-year-old  “Diggy” has figured out that first impressions are best ways to get into Rachel’s (and the viewers’) good graces. We too hope the same.

 Rob – Law Student


The chocolate looking guy of 30(y) has been playing the role of a Law student, states to be yet single & ‘girls’ hold on, he is not committed to anyone, so may be a chance to any girl of his type. He say’s he’s a good traveler ever since he joined the college & traveled overseas like China, Taiwan, Peru, Spain.

Peter – Fights his FEARS & dreams to over come them one day.


A business owner, age 31. Well Peter says that he is quite ‘phobic’ to Heights and deep water, well water isn’t much a problem as he wishes to cage dive with great whites, but standing on a ‘Cliff’ is not a choice for him so far. But says he will conquer that fear too.

Mohit – An Indian ‘Appeal’ in the American show.


On this episode, we were joined by Mohit Sehgal, a successful entrepreneur & contestant during season 13 of “The Bachelorette” with Rachel. What happens behind the scenes when getting ready & stepping into the limo with Rachel. His first impressions of all the men, is when the casting process which took for him was 6 months.

Milton – A supervisor in a Hotel


Having a unique ‘tattoo’ inside his “bottom lip”. So far he say’s that the most outrageous life that he lived for 4 months without Power & Cold showers are no joke. Like Peter(contestant), Milton has fear of spiders(Arachnophobia).

Michael – So called “The Laid back one”


Michael says that the most ‘Outrageous’ thing ever done by him is signing a contract to play professional basketball in Bulgaria. The one kinda wish he wished lately is having lunch with the ex-President Obama, because he wants to know what obstacles, hardship and challenges he had to faced to gain the highest position in America.