The Fall Of The Director From The White House

An exclusive review of Communication Director – Anthony Scaramucci from the White House

The so called  “The Mooch” of the Washington DC says a farewell to his colleagues as he walks away from the White House. Anthony Scaramucci is know as the American financier and political image who is well known in the DC, getting back to his life Anthony has completed his education in B.A. – Bachelor’s in Arts & even Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Tufts University & Harvard University respectively.

Being ‘not’ so glad day for the Financier in the ‘White House’


Scaramucci was not pleased with the Trumps dinner get-together as he ranged his anger later to the media.

What to say when things are not going right…?



Pretending to be ‘All Right’ is the right medicine for Anthony Scaramucci as he walks into the White House in Washington, DC after giving a television interview on July 26, 2017